We'd like to extend a huge "thank you" to the public and private entities that are supporting local artists by opening up their walls, and in some cases their wallets to provide receptions free of charge.  Most do not take fees or commissions.  Please email Rebecca Bangs if your facility would be interested in joining this generous community that supports our local artists.  We would be happy to add you to this listing.

St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Palo Alto

St. Mark's Hall is a well-used space with room to display the paintings of 3-4 artists on a long wall with wood arch-like columns that provide a separate area for each artist.

The art is hung on the sheetrock walls with hooks placed individually, since there is no hanging system. The holes are filled and painted over as needed.

Accepted works can be anything including abstracts, landscapes, still life, portraits etc. and in any medium like oil, acrylic, collages, mixed media or photography.  However, because it is a church hall, they must be must be appropriate for the public to view – no shocking, nude or disturbing images.

If you would be interested in participating in this opportunity, or in including a reception for a small fee, please email Lindsay Hogue for further information.


San Mateo County Law Library, Redwood City

Artists can hang paintings and photographs as well as display sculpture for 3 months.  Any sale they make is 100% theirs; the Law Library does not take a portion of sales.  The main showing area is the library entry lobby as well as a back area where lectures are held and a conference room.  Approximately 6,000 people visit the Law Library each year, the majority are local attorneys.
Andrew Gurthet, artist and Director of the San Mateo County Law Library, says this location is expected to be demolished in the future due to redevelopment plans of the city for this block.  But, it is unclear when that will happen; it may still be several years out.

Please click here to contact Andrew for additional details and availability.

Peninsula Hope Church, Redwood City

Daniel Baxter, teacher, artist and pastor of Peninsula Hope Church in downtown Redwood City says:

"We have a lobby with a fair amount of wall space where I like to display the work of local artists. I am looking to connect with local artists who would like to display their work in our space. My desire is to better our community by promoting local art and artists.  We would require no commission or hanging fee. The work would hang for a few months, with a bio and contact info for the artist so anyone who views the work could deal directly with the artist regarding sales. We would merely host the space and stay out of financials."

For more information, please email Daniel Baxter.

Keller Williams, San Carlos

Keller Williams is proud to support local San Carlos and Redwood City artists and charities by featuring them together in monthly shows.  Typically there will be one 2D artist + one 3D artist + 1 charity for each event.  If you are a resident of San Carlos or Redwood City, please feel free to fill out the following application for the chance to show at the KW San Carlos location.  For more information and to apply, please click here.