The Art Center of Redwood City and San Carlos promotes the visual arts in our local communities and the greater Bay Area by providing affordable studio space, arts activities in the community, scholarships for instruction, and art-oriented events and exhibits.

The Art Center of Redwood City and San Carlos is a 501c3 non-profit. Over the twenty year plus history of the center, we have provided free programs for many children and seniors.

The Art Center would like to thank the City of Redwood City for helping sustain our ability to hold in place while searching, for over a year, for a new home that would offer us both affordability and sustainability in the future.  RWC Mayor Jeff Gee and Councilman John Seibert were instrumental in putting a program together to address our urgent needs.

Thanks also go out to our former landlord, Don Gibson, for his efforts to help with our relocation. He offered invaluable connections for the center to both find and secure our new location.